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OneCert International is well emerging Certification Body for Textile Sector certification, which provides its services to all major textile goods manufacturing countries in Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and other Asian countries actively. We are controlling our operations through our Head Office based at Lincoln (Nebraska),US. 

We have appropriate knowledge and experience of versatile standards and certification procedure of Global Textile market. Our various accreditations strengthen our services in Organic textile certifications. Distinguished standard norms cover all the criteria of Organic textile, from fiber cultivation or harvesting, storage, manufacturing/ production, wet processing, dyes and processing aid, packing, labeling, transportation to export/imports of goods. Our edified textile expert’s team assists your conglomerate to embed procedure and verify the integrity system of all national and International standards at your place. Thus you will be in confidence to meet the criteria of relevant standard regulation to your supply chain of organic textile products with the acceptable approach to your customers.

Textile Certification


There is certain a need of sustainable practices to manufactured or processes textile products, as the industry is considered as the most ecologically harmful industry in the world. The eco-problems in textile industry occur during some production processes and are carried forward right to the finished product.


A sustainable steps in supply chain processes to make it happen that is need to believe in environmental sustainability and need to be aware about the social, economical and ecological benefits of environmentally sustainable products and development processes. Therefore it is mandatory to care for the supply chain to use Sustainable Processes, run business operations in an environmentally friendly way, work to conserve energy and reduce wastage


There are two different Organic standards to certify a Textile facility “Organic Exchange Standards” and the “Global Organic Textile Standard”.

For more details please click the link below-
1. Global organic Textile Standard

2. Organic Exchange Standard

3. Input Approval with GOTS (Dyes and Processing Aids)