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About FSMS


About ISO 22000/ FSMS:

ISO 22000: 2005/ Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is an integrated system, recognized internationally, which provides the minimum requirements needed for an organization to manage and mitigate food safety hazards and therefore establish the Food Safety. It is applicable for companies of all sizes and sectors within the Food Industries from “farm to fork”. Along with the industries of actual food chain ISO 22000 also includes related industries like:

A Farming 1 (Animals) Animals; fish; egg production; milk production; beekeeping; fishing; hunting; trapping
B Farming 2 (Plants) Fruits; vegetables; grain; spices; horticultural products
C Processing 1 (Animal perishable product) (including all activities after farming, e.g. slaughtering) Meat; poultry; eggs; dairy and fish products
D Processing 2 (Vegetable perishable product) Fresh fruits and fresh juices; preserved fruits; fresh vegetables; preserved vegetables
E E Processing 3 (long shelf life at ambient temperature) Canned products; biscuit; snacks; oil; drinking water; beverages; pasta; flour; sugar; salt
F Feed Production Animal feed; fish feed
G Catering Hotels; restaurants
H Distribution Retail; shops; wholesalers
I Services Water supply; cleaning; sewage; waste disposal; development
of product, process and equipment; veterinary services
J Transport and Storage Transport and storage
K Equipment manufacturer Process equipment; vending machines
L (Bio)chemical manufacturer Additives; vitamins; pesticides; drugs; fertilizer; cleaning agents; biocultures
M Packaging material manufacturer Packaging material