Welcome to OneCert International

w.e.f 19/11/2018 name OneCert Asia Agri Certification(P) Ltd accreditation under NPOP is changed to OneCert International (P) Ltd.

OneCert International is a premier path breaking organization adding value to certification and inspection. 


OneCert International Vision

  1. To create a developed and well-equipped centre for Organic standards, food safety and textile inspection and certification.
  2. Hiring educated, experienced and trained staff to provide best inspection and certification services
  3. Endeavoring towards continuous improvement in Quality systems for exemplary customer services
  4. Developing authenticated solutions for testing, Inspection and analysis of soil, food and textile.

OneCert = Value

OneCert International is included on the EU Third Countries list of European Union. Operators certified by OneCert as per EU standards can export to Europe without import authorization.

OneCert International is accredited to

  • - National Program For Organic Production-(NPOP-India)
    • Crop production, grower groups, handling, livestock, apiculture, aquaculture, feed, mushrooms, sericulture
  • - USDA National Organic Program (NOP)
    • Crop production, handling
  • - European Organic Regulations (EEC 834/2007)
    • Category A(Unprocessed products) & F( Seed Production)
OneCert International is accredited to:
  • - European Organic Regulations (EEC 834/2007)
    • Category D ( Processed products) for India and Category A (Unprocessed products) & D ( Processed products) for other lited countries.
  • - Japanese Agriculture Standards (JAS)
  • - Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)
    • 1. Mechanical textile processing and manufacturing operations and their products
    • 2. Certification of wet processing and finishing operations and their products
    • 3.Certification of trading operations and related products
    • 4. Release of positive lists of chemical inputs (dyes and auxiliary agents) to the chemical industry
  • - Organic Exchange (OE 100 & OE Blended Standards, GRS and RCS)
  • - Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 : 2005)
    • Category B & C

OneCert International, through its associates, provide inspection and certification services for South Korea organic standards and Chinese organic standards.

OneCert Inc. is accredited to:
  • - USDA-NOP
  • - Provide verification under United States Canada Organic Equivalence Agreement

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